Chora Nova auditions experienced choral singers with good music reading skills and some vocal training, periodically throughout the year. If you wish to audition, please submit the application below and you will be notified about the next audition date.

Audition format:  The audition lasts 10-15 minutes and consists of vocalizing and singing a prepared piece of your choice. An accompanist will be provided but you must provide him/her a copy of the music you wish to sing in the key in which you will sing it.

Performance schedule: We perform three concerts per season. Performances are in Berkeley.

Rehearsal schedule: There is a 9- to 12-week rehearsal period prior to performances, with a single intensive Saturday rehearsal at some time during the rehearsal period. Weekly rehearsals are Tuesdays from 7:15-9:45p.m. in north Berkeley. Music is distributed at or before the first rehearsal for the quarter, and singers are expected to learn it as soon as possible.

Dues: Dues are $150 for each concert set. There is an additional charge for music. You are not required to buy your music from Chora Nova if you already have it on hand.