Winter Quarter

Marvelous Miniatures 2 – the Sequel

Rehearsals Tuesdays at 7:15, January 26 through March 19
Virtual concert 11 a.m. Saturday, March 20
Registration closed.

Raise your voice with Chora Nova for Marvelous Miniatures 2 – the Sequel, which echoes the buoyant concert we came so close to performing last March. The program of songs and other short works ranges through five centuries and five languages, including pieces by

Palestrina: Sicut Cervus / Sitivit anima mea
Rheinberger: Abendlied
Brahms: Geistliches Lied
Fauré: Pavane
Holst: Mae ‘nghariadd i’n Fenws (My Sweetheart’s like Venus)
Vaughan Williams: Ca’ the Yowes
Bairstow: The Oak and the Ash
Stanford: Quick! We Have But a Second
Walker: White Horses (You may volunteer to participate in a video of this lovely song.)

As an extra treat, Artistic Director Paul Flight will invite professional soloists to perform for us, making our March concert into a truly sparkling songfest.